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INNOVA Longarm

PantoVision T2

PantoVision T2

Included Features

  • Crumple up those paper pantograph patterns and set yourself free.
  • The first and only green pantograph system.
  • Enjoy quilting pantographs from the front of your machine.
  • Easily line up patterns when advancing your quilt.  
  • Produce limitless patterns and designs by using a fully digitized pantograph system.
  • Store hundreds of digital patterns to be quilted.
  • Designs can be attached, nested, and resized to create your very own pantograph patterns in limitless sizes.
  • When equipped with the optional Windows based Tablet PC, the PantoVison® provides you capabilities for intricate design layout, editing, and complete control of final pantograph patterns or quilt blocks.
  • Pre-Loaded with 50+ patterns, including designs from Sherry Rogers-Harrison, Jessica Schick, Sarah Vedeler, Urban Elements, Jodi Beamish, and Sharon Schamber.
  • Upload any .DXF file format patterns, or INNOVA's proprietary .PAT file format.
  • providing compatibility with thousands of digitized quilting patterns and designs.
  • Designs are available from dozens of well known pattern designers on the internet or you may draw your own by using software such as Art-n-Stitch, Autosketch or Pro-Q designer.
  • Patterns can be adjusted, resized, flipped, mirrored, copied, multiplied, and rotated.

New Running View Upgrades

  • Popcorn to show the path already traveled.

  • A tracer target to show direction at intersections.

  • Show grid.

  • Extra patterns.

  • Resume or move when restarting a pattern.

New Features

  • Swipe task bars in and out.

  • Double tap to bring up menus.

  • Pinch and Zoom.

  • Easy to read and touch buttons.

  • Modify and pin buttons.

  • Undo.

  • Live update in Multiply.

  • Extra options in Nudge.

  • Updated help screens.

  • Active Zoom.

  • Pan.

  • Add a background image.

  • Change Colors.

  • Pattern Pad Manager.

  • Positioning.

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